So… it is almost Christmas Eve… in fact it is Christmas Eve in some parts of the world, such as India, which is my birth-home… 🙂

Eoin, my love and I are in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, a beach town that exploded after the filming of Endless Summer 2… we are watching the unbridled development with anxiety… even so… it is still nice here… there is a beach right at our doorstep where you do really feel as though you are away from it all… and we are far away from the rain and windstorms of Vancouver, BC.

Yesterday, we went exploring in a tropical mountain forest, Ricon de la Vieja, which lies on the foothills of an as yet active volcano… we saw an amazing array of creatures from the guinea-pig like Agoutis and the racoon’s cousin, the Coatis, not to mention boiling pools of hot springs and hot mud emerging from the volcanic mountain.

We will spend Christmas this year far from family and friends… something we hope not to do again… but with new friends… we have become friends with a lot of the locals here and are invited to a holiday celebration at Arco Iris... a retreat centre in Tamarindo that has a restaurant serving absolutely delicious and inspired vegetarian food, grown nearby on local, organic farms…

The owners, Laura Filippini and her sister Simona, two heart-of-gold Italian women will also help us host a YES, Yoga Ecology and Surf Retreat here in February 2007.

We will have a pot luck – everyone, around 50 people will bring food or drink and we will have a fiesta. I am planning to make some good spiced and maybe spiked chai with fresh spices… yumm…

So on this glorious day, no matter where you are in the world… I wish you joy, peace and happiness and abundance… with the hope that you spend time with your loved ones… be it in person, via the phone or the internet!

Pura Vida,


“The fundamental desire of life is the desire to exist.”
Rabindranath Tagore