Natural Health Products Bill: Learn, listen and act

This came to my attention recently and I believe it is important to pass it on.

The Canadian government is currently discussing Bill C-51, a bill that seeks to classify Natural Health Products (NHPs) in Canada as similar to pharmaceutical drugs, enforcing stricter controls and more regulatory scrutiny that cannot be met by most NHPs. There is a nationwide movement underway to speak to this Bill and educate consumers of their health choices and the potential lack of choice if this bill is passed.

Please visit: to learn more. You can read the actual bill on this site as well.
Here’s a good article on about the implications of this bill.
And if you want to sign a petition against this bill, please go here.

There have been 2 readings in parliament already, in less than 3 weeks under the Harper Government which has been trying to keep these proceedings away from significant media scrutiny. Only 1 more reading is required before it can be voted into law.