Wake up and cleanse:

It is still spring time for most of us here in Canada. And we all know the merits of this time of awakening and cleansing our bodies from the heaviness of winter foods and embracing the lightness of this new season. I have been leafing through many books concerned with cleansing and eating according to the seasons.
My prescription for this time of the year however is simple, tried and true.

Try to go to bed early
Wake up with the light.
Upon rising squeeze fresh lemon juice into luke warm water and sip.
A wonderful way to begin your body’s morning cleansing process.

If you like tea in the a.m. here is a delicious and easy, cleansing tea recipe with a hint of chai spices.

Warming – Digestive Tea
Crush some fresh ginger, green cardamom pods and fennel seeds, add along with 1 tsp. loose tea leaves (green. herbal or black), add hot water, let steep and enjoy. The ginger, cardamom and fennel are all warming spices and will add a sweetness so you won’t even miss the honey. You can also add milk to this if needed and maple syrup or honey. Enjoy.