the scent of bliss

while the highlight for me at the yogathon is definitely the yoga – led by leading teachers in the community – and watching a sea of arms raised in unison to the skies, yoguestyle was also enthralled by the blissfest, a gathering of local businesses and organizations promoting the sustainable yoga lifestyle.

“we love this event” said Arline Trividic, R.A.H.P. a certified aromatherapist, who is the owner of
smell this! aromatherapy and we love “smell this!”, especially their Warrior Wash line of yoga mat cleaning products. A blend of high-quality essential oils including witch hazel, lavender, eucalyptus, pine and tea-tree, the warrior wash mat cleanser is available in an easily refillable spray bottle, that will freshen and cleanse your mat, perfect for some aroma-purification, post a sweaty yoga flow.