yep, if its yoga, you gotta connect to your bandha’s

michele daignault had a vision, to design a beautiful, sturdy bag to tote her belongings and yoga gear around while globe-trotting her way around the planet.

In 2001, michelle spent six months studying yoga in India and fell sway to the colors of the country, the sounds, scents and sights of the landscape and began noting the intricate borders on sarees, the textures of hand-loom textiles. she felt inspired enough to return a year later to work with local tailors and local textiles and Bandha Accessories was born, a line of sturdy, well-made yoga and lifestyle accessories inspired by the heat and colours of India, yet suitable for anywhere you happen to be.

I have one of the “Sanskrit Yoga” mat bags, which are perfect for taking to outdoor yoga down at Kits beach in Vancouver, with eoin finn. there are zippered pockets for your keys, a wide strap that’s comfy enough to throw over your shoulder while getting around on your cruiser bike and there’s even room enough for a towel for that cool-off dip in Kit’s Pool later. plus, they’re made of pure handloom spun Indian cotton and come in a rainbow of earthy colours. the sanskrit yoga mat bags cost US $65 each and are available on the bandha e-shop.