Winter Cleansing

Getting cooler here, supposed to drop down to 1 degree tonight.
Time to really fortify your immune system and not succumb to all the bugs out there. Here’s an article I wrote about cleansing in the fall – winter for myyogaonline, an interesting site.

So, it is that intermittent season, autumn, replete with rain and dampness. The perfect time to reminisce about summer, to catch that cold that is going around, (the constant temperature variations do not help); and to begin to accept the inevitable approach of winter.

The fluctuations of late fall and early winter also make it an optimum time to go on a detoxifying dietary cleanse. It is easier in this season, say most streams of alternative medicine, to change our habits and inject new life into our tired routines.

Simply put, a cleanse can give your body a short break from the effort it expends digesting food (40% of your body’s energy goes into digestion-that’s a lot) and instead, divert some of that energy into expelling toxins and healing.

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