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More Yogue favourites from the land of OZ.


We were happy to discover an array of yummy chais down under.  Our favourite currently is the Chai Tea Company’s Organic Rainbow Chai, a blend of 49% Certified Organic Black tea, from the highlands of Sri Lanka, and 51% Certified Organic chunky spice.

The aromatic mix of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg and star anise is as tasty as my mom’s homemade chai from Bombay, while the company’s committment to sustainability is inspiring.  The “Chai Shed” where the Chai Tea Company’s has been blending and packaging its nine chai flavours since the past twenty years – in recycled cardboard boxes of course – is located deep in the forests of New South Wales and is completely off the grid, powered solely by solar energy, as are the homes of the company’s founders.

Sipping chai has never felt so good.

To learn more and purchase online, visit www.chai.com.au.