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While paper-less living may be an impossible goal for most of us today, including yoga studio owners – scheduling woes anyone? –  teachers, students and general experiencers of life in our modern age; there are definite steps we can take to reducing our reliance on paper.

1. Receive and file e-statements for all your bank statements, utility, phone bills etc.  Plus think about all the room you’ll save in filing cabinets, because these statements go back 7 years.  Check with your bank for details.

Consider this thought: if every North American with a home computer (roughly 250 million) received and filed the bills and statements that are already available electronically from their financial institutions and utilities, each would save an average of 700-900 pieces of paper and 200 envelopes per year. That’s 275 Billion pieces of paper!  (from the City of Toronto’s Earth Day resources).

2. This one’s obvious, but you’ll be surprised.  Use BOTH sides of all paper, from scraps, to notepaper, to printer paper and yes, please print on both sides.   Saving 280 billion sheets of paper annually equals 34 million trees saved (The average pine tree yields approximately 8,333 sheets of standard photocopy paper); and you will save $ as well.

3.  Use recycled paper – unless you’re left with no other option.  As the folks at New Leaf Paper point out, this month will see over 40 million kids returning to schools in North America alone, leading to massive amounts of school supplies purchased.  Think about all the trees we would save if all those parents and their kids opted for sustainable notebooks, pads, folders, binders, etc. born almost entirely from the recycle bin, that are processed chlorine-free and manufactured using renewable energy.

Check out  New Leaf Paper’s back-to-school bundle of sustainable school supplies in addition to a 10% discount offer on any other products purchased on their newly relaunched website: using the code RECYCLED.

And remember, if you do shop online, just save that receipt electronically.  You don’t have to print it out.

Namaste.  Thanks for reading.