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Glass n' Poly libre tea glass

“If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”
Japanese Proverb.

For those of you who know me.  I love tea.  I just don’t have the lifestyle, that is conducive – always – to sipping tea slowly and savouring the ritual of it.

And like all of us eco-minded individuals out there, I’ve been searching for the ideal eco-tea mug out there…   perfect to hold your warm cup of tea while walking outside on a crisp fall Vancouver day.

And have I found it?

Well, the verdict is still out, but new Canadian company Libre Tea’s  Libre Loose Leaf tea glass is close.  Available in two versions, one that is a practical glass ’n poly tea glass with a polycarbonate exterior and glass interior; and another that’s a more handle-with-care all glass (in the interior and exterior) design.

Both are BPA free, transparent, so yes, you can see the tea leaves soaking, usable with loose-leaf tea as they come with a removable and easy to clean stainless steel tea filter; and importantly, are beautifully designed, making an eco-chic addition to your fall wardrobe, office desk and possibly (since I have not to date tested this) even your bicycle basket.

I love that the lid screws on really tight so there is no spillage while commuting and that the 2 layers of glass and polycarbonate prevent the cup from getting too hot to hold it comfortably.

My only advice, you have to clean the Libre glasses and dry the insides out well (as you would wine-glasses) so there aren’t any streaks or marks left behind from your tea.

For more information on Libre Tea Glasses, how to use them and to purchase, visit: http://libretea.com/
The glass’n poly model holds approximately 9oz. or 260 mL.
Cost: $24.00 USD
The glass n glass model holds 10 oz. or approximately 290 mL.
Cost: $25.00 USD