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Yogue: winter inspirations…

I have been thinking a lot recently about why I first started this blog.  My mission was to talk about things that inspire me that are related to sustainable design and the yoga lifestyle.  Much has been written about the fact that Yoga is trend that is now beyond a trend.  Apparently more than 30 million people practice yoga in the US alone and there are over 70,000 yoga teachers in North America and counting.

I suppose that would also explain why yoga is now used to sell everything from hair products to cars, and that yoga instructors throughout the world are being treated as lifestyle gurus… or maybe that’s the Madonna factor. 

In any case… with all this Yogue navel gazing, I realized that really the issue that is at the heart of this blog is one that I consider vital to the effect of Yoga on my life, that delicate dance between the practice of Yoga, which ultimately is a practice of becoming aware of the materialism of life (and eventually renouncing it) and my love of beautiful and lovingly crafted things. 

What that has yielded for me via Yogue is a search for products, services and more that are long-lasting, sustainably made and can potentially positively impact the world somehow through our connection to them.  They give us pleasure yes, but with the awareness that ultimately it is all just stuff, allowing us the awareness of moderating the desire realm.

How do you grapple with these questions?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.