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Lhasa, by Deux FM

Dear reader(s),

Can you believe it is December already?

Thank you for all the comments and insights, please keep them coming as it is so nice to know that someone is out there reading this blog.

Just want to let you know that I’ve been moving around way too much since the past two weeks, without consistent connection to the internet, except via my iphone and have been remiss at updating this blog…

But I’m happy to note, that I am back home, after a whirlwind tour of teaching yoga with my partner Eoin Finn, in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and able to sip some tea by the Pacific, and write!

Also… super excited to announce that we are getting back to Yogue’s roots in seeking out the best within the marriage of style, sustainability and substance.  This week brings the first of our Design Profiles, where we chat with original, inspired designers who are forging new paths in the ethical style realm.

Hint, she’s from the other (east) coast of Canada.

Stay tuned.


Insiya @ YOGUE