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I am back in the Pacific Northwest, where the ocean wears a dusky blue-grey cast and today the sun though low to the horizon is shining that ethereal golden light, the light that cinematographers cherish.  I feel so blessed and grateful to have some quiet time these holidays and I hope to spend much of the next week writing, journaling and reading.  This morning, while reading the Upanishads I was reminded again of that source of everything, the Brahman, the persona-less, personality-ness, animating force in the universe that gives rise to what eventually gives rise to the animating spirit…  In this Northern Ocean-abutting world, that force is present.  Here in the pair of eagles I see circling up high, the sparrow that seeks food on our deck, the plants that survive this arctic wind and frost and still bear buds, everywhere life is fresh and persistent and keenly alive.

Whether you are celebrating this holiday season with family or friends or in solitude, I hope you have some time to breathe deep and feel the peace that makes this time so special, even in times of chaos, war and strife.

On that note, here is a video sent by a friend that I found sweet and powerful.

Enjoy this time of slowing down and savoring time with loved ones.