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I write these words from Bali, that magical isle that is still a stop on every globetrotter’s tour.  Nestled in the aquamarine Indian Ocean, privy to tropical rainstorms, miles of surfable wavelined beaches and host to a people with an ancient tradition of craftsmanship and intricate design, it’s no wonder then, that today, Bali teems with designers and creative free thinkers from around the planet.  They come here to be inspired by the local culture with its eye for detail, its reverence for life and spirit and the craftsmanship that is inherent in the Balinese peoples’ artistry.

Sterling silver ring made with Rhodochrosite - "This mineral has been called a Stone of Love and Balance, providing balancing and love on all levels for all bodies. It contains pulsating electrical energy which emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of love. Also known to heal the Earth and for showing love to the Mother of us all. Black diamonds are set in the band. I was inspired by the uniqueness of the stone and created the ring around it."

Originally from Whistler, Canada, Christy Feaver is a yogini, a dreamer and a jewelry creator, who calls Bali home and it is here that she fashions her unique, striking designs, ranging from bracelets, earrings and necklaces that hint of sophisticated exoticism.   Giving back to the community is essential to Christy’s plan to working and living in Bali and she also co-designs a line of elegant necklaces that offer proceeds to the Cause Gallery, a fund for Balinese street children.

Yogue caught up with Christy for a short chat, in between some surfing and some yoga.  Read on for a peek into this creative artist’s Bali life.

Garnet and Silver Pendant from The Precious Earth Collection

Y. Have you always wanted to design? And was it always jewelry?
CF.  Design has always inspired me. I started with painting and drawing, then I was inspired to take photos.  From there I had a little business making stained glass mirrors, somehow that lead me to jewelry. Not really sure where and when it happened but one day I was living in Whistler and next I was going to school in San Francisco.

gold earrings

Y.  How has growing up in BC (Whistler, Tofino; and other places you’ve lived) influenced you? Your philosophy with respect to design?
Well I live a very gypsy life, modern day gypsy I call it. Living between Tofino, Whistler and San Francisco for many years gave me the inspiration for my ideas and designs, balancing modern day architecture with natural landscapes found in the mountains and ocean.  I have been all over the world and always Canada is a place that yields a lot of inspiration for me.

Sterling silver ring: "This is a piece from the shoreline collection. The hammered effect represents the wind on water and the granulation technique evokes the bubbles in the ocean as the water hits the sand."

Y. Tell us about your life in Bali and how it influences your work.
CF.  Well I came here many years ago and was taken by the place instantly – it captivated my soul. I experienced the original bombings in Bali and was a little shaken after that. I came here again on a surf trip 3 years ago and once again felt connected. It was then that I knew this would be the next place I would call home. It is the balance of life here that inspires me. Simplicity of life and time to follow what is true to your heart.

the designer and friend in Bali

Y. What inspires you?
Where do I start?  Life inspires me. it is such an unpredictable thing that can take you down many roads and allow you to embark upon many journeys. One of my favorite quotes is ” life is not about the breaths we take, it is about the moments that take our breath away.”  Life gives us many moments both good and bad and through that we can see the lessons and become inspired.

Y. What else are you passionate about?

I’m really passionate about living, living life the way that you, yourself know how to follow.  To block out the noise that people try to instill in us. And with that way of living I am passionate about giving back to a life that has given me so much. Presently with my business partner Nea we have started the Cause Gallery. The idea behind the business is to connect art, artists and meaningful causes with the world.  I’d also have to say surfing that is what brought me to Indonesia in the first place. The ocean is a place I really feel connected to all that is greater than who we are.

Silver ring from the Ice Grooves Collection

Y. What can we look forward to in your new collections?
I am currently working on a new line that will launch this summer. Inspired by the daily arrival of Dragonflies in my life, they will be the focus of my line. The line is called “Winds of Change” The main symbolisms of the dragonfly are renewal, positive force and the power of life in general.  Dragonflies can also be a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity. Also, as a creature of the wind, the dragonfly frequently represents change.  And as a dragonfly lives a short life, it knows it must live its life to the fullest with the short time it has – which is a lesson for all of us.

Also new is the “Precious Earth Collection” taking the Inspiration of the Shoreline Collection and replacing the granulation ( meant to represent sand ) with precious stones. The stones represent the precious part of earth.

Lastly, I should also mention the “Icegrooves Collection.” I was inspired by the stone Tourmalated Quartz – You get the energy of black tourmaline which deflects the negative energy of others plus the alignment and harmonizing energy of quartz. Black tourmaline also has a grounding effect helping one to stay protected and focused in the present. Quartz tends to raise the vibration of any other crystal or mineral in the area. Balances male – female energies within one’s self.  I wanted to design something inspired from the mountains. The tourmalated quartz made me think of moments frozen in ice. The grooves give a modern spin to my design.

Y. Where can we find Christy Feaver designs?

The Screaming Hippie, Byron Bay

Tofino, BC:  The Wickininnish Inn, The Spotted Bear, Habit Clothing.
Vancouver, BC: Agnes Gallery, YYoga Locations
Whistler, BC: Chili Thom Studio

Sumba Resort, Sumba Island.

RVCA flagship store-San Francisco
Spa Sophia- Venice, CA
Robert Goodman Jewelers- Indianapolis, IL

Thanks Christy.

Yogue.  April 2010.