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Proving that seaweed is not only something you swim through in the ocean or bite around your favourite sushi roll, is local Vancouver company Ancient Secrets.

Seaweed Body Butter

Founded by fresh faced Sherina Jamal, Ancient Secrets sources pure, natural, ingredients from around the world for their good-for-you face + body care that is also sensitive to the planet.  All the products are packaged in recyclable or biodegradable containers.   My favourite is the seaweed butter, crafted from fresh Pacific Seaweed and blended with Green tea, rich shea butter and pure essential oils for a smooth after-shower treat.

And if you’re wondering why seaweed?  If the potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals embedded deep into this ocean-vegetable powerhouse don’t convince you, know that seaweed is also a good immune booster, strengthens your digestion, increases metabolism and generally helps you feeling and looking good.  So yes, eat that nori and rub yourself down with some seaweed lotion.   Just another reason why we love the ocean.

Buy Ancient Secret’s Seaweed Butter here.

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