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When I was in Vancouver teaching at the Yoga Show in early October, I was happy to see Wendy from Libre Tea, my favourite to go tea mug.  Wendy mentioned that she’s been adding unsweetened, raw cocoa nibs to green or black tea recently and savouring the rich flavours.  I decided to test out her suggestion.

The process, quite simple, take a good quality organic green or black tea, I have a green tea and dried cherry blend from Silk Road teas that I love.  For black tea, I tried a darjeeling tea from the Urban Tea Merchant that was delicious as well.

Add a pinch or two of cacao nibs to a spoonful of tea in your libre or other cup.  Brew as you normally would and taste your efforts.   Maybe add a natural sweetener to taste if you need it, but the cacao should add a nice sweet earthiness.

The verdict, delicious and a non-dairy savouring of cocoa goodness merged in with that essential to me beverage, tea.

For cacao nibs, I recommend Navitas Naturals. I love Navitas’s products, they’re organic, nutritious and painstakingly sourced. The nibs come from Peru and have a rich taste.  Raw cacao is a nutritional superfood, high in vitamins + minerals including beta carotene, zinc and magnesium.  It also contains more antioxidant flavonoids than red wine, blueberries or green tea.  The cacao nibs are the edible part of the cacao bean after it’s been harvested

Recently, I’ve been adding cacao nibs in with almonds, cranberries and pumpkin seeds to create a delicious trail mix.  You can also blend them in with almond milk for a delicious cocoa smoothie.

happy sunday.