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Can Glam really be Guilt Free?

Melissa Shabinsky and Alexandra Zanella, the founders of “Revolution Organics,” say “yes!”

Their cult eco-beauty line is free of all the bad stuff, namely synthetics, chemicals, parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals.  They also don’t test on animals – and are sweetly Canadian – so I couldn’t resist adding them to my holiday eco shopping list!

All-over Body Balm: $28

Say the duo of their USDA Organic Certified products, “Each ingredient is carefully selected for their skin benefiting properties and all of our formulations combine highly concentrated blends of nourishing organic butters, oils, herbs and certified organic perfume blends to create our beautiful formulations.”

What might be truly ‘revolutionary’ about these products is that they are all multi-tasking.

Concerned about the plethora of beauty products on the market, and hoping to reduce consumption, Melissa and Alex aimed at creating multitasking and hardworking products.

Freedom Glow Beauty Balm: $34

What do I love? The softly moisturizing Freedom lip glosses in shades from berry to deep pink, the All-over Beauty balm, which has been a lifesaver on my recent travels; and the use as blush, lip or anywhere stain tinted Freedom Glow balm.   Plus, the innovative, i.e. not much, cardboard tube packaging is made from recycled paper.

Freedom lip gloss: $26

Learn more about Revolution Organics and a list of retailers that carry these products here.

Meanwhile, if you’re not concerned about the influx of harmful chemicals in our personal care and beauty products, you should be.

A spring 2010 study by the David Suzuki Foundation in Canada, shed light on various loopholes in Health Canada’s labeling requirements for such products; where ingredients are often not listed.  Watch out for anything that says “parfum” a generic term used in many cosmetic and personal care products that masks harmful fragrance ingredients, some of which are endocrine system disruptors.

First published in the NYTimes, illust.by Jeremy Holmes of muttink.com

Also, did you know that the term “fragrance free” can imply that a chemical masking agent was used to inhibit a fragrance, not that the product does not contain any fragrances.  There’s more, the worst offenders are oral care products, which are most likely not to have an ingredient list.

Want more info on what to avoid and what to look for in your personal care purchases?  Check out this handy guide from the DSF, that lists 12 harmful ingredients: The Dirty Dozen, found in the most popular cosmetic and personal products.

And read Yogue tomorrow for Day 2 of my eco-holiday wish list!