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Crafting a Meaningful Home, by Meg Mateo Illasco

This book has been on my wishlist, since I first heard about it earlier this year.  Meg Mateo Illasco is a designer and illustrator living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her asthetic: quirky, interesting, comfortable and cool.

The book, to me is a symbol of how our lives and everything about them… especially our homes, do not need to look like they belong to the glossy spreads of wallpaper magazine.    Plus, it’s so much more interesting to create home-made art from discarded objects that you might find at a vintage store, or your mother’s basement.  After all repurposing things to breathe new life into your environment is the ultimate in recycling.

Even if you’re not a “crafty” person, this book, with projects that range from easy to more challenging, is just a great reminder that a good part of who we are is because of our heritage and history…  and what better time to celebrate that but during the holidays.   This would be a perfect gift for a friend, your mom, or just someone who needs a little bit of do it yourself inspiration.

Crafting a Meaningful Home is $16.47 at amazon.com

Join us tomorrow for Day 3 of our eco holiday wishlist.  peace + light!