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“Welcome to 2012, a time of transformation, change and new consciousness. You roll your eyes as you read this. Welcome to another new year, you think. This is the year when everything is going to be perfect, your new years’ resolutions are going to stick and the next 365 days are going to be better, more creative, and more satisfying for you, your family and everyone you love and care about, way more than the previous year, and yes, we’re going to achieve world peace as well. Before you unleash your innercynic, hang in there for a moment and breathe. “

That’s an excerpt from a recent piece I wrote for the wonderful Asia Spa Magazine, which is based out of Hongkong.  Not merely a showcase of fluffy spa profiles, the magazine has creative, inspiring and thought provoking articles under the helm of it’s current editor Rebecca Walker.  I am so happy to have a lead story in the January 2012 issue, a story that marks my re-entry into the world of writing after the birth of my baby son ten months ago.  I hope that you enjoy it.  And yes, happy new year!!!