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i love the spirit of this sentiment by yogi + blissologist eoin finn.  it’s true isn’t it?  love continues to renew itself, the more you give of it, the more you somehow have in store to offer out again.  every lover, poet, and every parent knows this intuitively.

see if you can allow yourself to feel LOVE, to be LOVE, to allow it to flow through you,  without expecting anything at all.  without condition, without fear.

celebrate this sentiment, smile at someone you don’t know. look  a stranger in the eye, allow your child to embrace something they’ve never done before and love them enough to trust they will be ok in doing it. I watched my son take his first steps yesterday and had to stop myself from wanting to hold his hand, from wanting to be there to guide every step, even after he fell.  it was powerful, that feeling of letting go, of not being in control, of letting yourself be vulnerable to the spirit of love.

try it out, it may open something big inside you.

happy valentine’s day!