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I didn’t mean to take such a long break from blogging.  But here we are, over a month since I last posted here at Yogue, a month after what turned into a whirlwind trip out to eastern (or rather, midwestern) Canada i.e. Ontario.

Traveling with a baby is everything people say it is and more.  So worth it, yet there is so much prep involved and you do have to work hard at creating structure far from home.  So that is what I’ve been mostly busy with over the past few weeks, creating routines while on the road (and teaching).  In Ayurvedic language, it’s been a time to dispel too much Vata (the chaotic, air/ wind energy) and try to stay grounded, so our little baby stays grounded as well.

We are finally back on the west coast, where I’ve immersed myself back into the Pacific ocean, with a few days of surfing beautiful, mellow, summer waves and breathing in salty air.

Here is some inspiration for you, from a wonderful daily blog I discovered by photographer Mary Jo Hoffman.  An exercise in daily gathering and observation, she photographs found objects from around her home in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.  I love the incredible details she finds, and the simplicity of the compositions.  An amazing example of yogic drishti and focus.

I will be posting back at Yogue and often, so do stay connected.

Namaste + peace,