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I was going to tell you about how it was one of those classic evian spritzer days on the west coast, by that of course i mean, one of those days where the rain continues to mist down and all around, without ever deciding to really rain, or whether to stop raining… like a noncommittal guy (or woman I suppose) who doesn’t know whether he/ she is in or out of a relationship.

And just as I was working on an inner mental shift, i.e. reminding myself how the misting rain is great for my complexion (so much better than hot summer sun), or that it’s the rain that infuses us with lush, verdant greenery all year long in our rain forests (albeit not tropical), and why running and walking in this kind of rain, feels good – that proverbial mist cool against your skin etc. etc…. the sun came out.  Well sort of.  You can perceive the sun.  Its golden cast pierces even the thickest clouds here in the summer.

So I’m grateful, this is so much better than downing squirts of vitamin D.  Plus, my very energetic toddler is napping, so I have a few moments to me.

Having a baby is like having a pet.  You have to take either/ or both outside and nothing, rain or shine, keeps us indoors on most days, especially considering how energetic (did I mention that earlier) our toddler is.  Here’s what we did before ten a.m. this morning.

  1. Woke up early (maybe 6 a.m.-ish? for a feed – breast milk is still his favorite food, but oysters are a close second.
  2. Attempted to pee in the potty x 2 (failed both times, but this is all part of the learning curve and the lots of laundry curve)
  3. Made fresh yoghurt + spelt biscuits from Heidi Swanson’s Supernatural Everyday Cookbook.  My little guy helped me pat down the dough and also to roll it out!!!
  4. Ate breakfast: fresh wild berries (that we foraged for yesterday – the bushes are weighed down right now, attracting not just humans and birds, but also bears!); biscuits with butter and organic raspberry jam and a bit of egg.
  5. Dropped his Dad off at the airport to fly to Vancouver for a business trip.
  6. Played with various dogs and a ball at Long Beach.
  7. Drew pictures with a stick in the sand.
  8. Walked to the edge of the ocean.
  9. Got sand inside the car (Dad won’t be happy about this)!!!
  10. Bought a new pair of Native’s for A. (Best baby shoes ever, way better than crocs as these stay on) as he’s outgrown his last pair.

And then we were home by a little before 11 a.m.!

Yes, I am a bit tired now and think I need a nap, but there are deadlines to meet and articles to write and yes, dishes to wash and dreams to be dreamt, oh and a waking baby.

Here are some fun sightings from around the internet to brighten up your weekend.  I hope you have a great one and keep smiling whether the sun is shining or not.



ps. I hope you like the pictures, they’re all some of my instagram experiments!