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I’ve been making a lot of green juices recently, but decided today to do what I call a super happy juice that turned into one of my favourite hues, pinkish-orangey-crimson… like a scarf the colour of an Indian sunrise.

If you have a good juicer – I swear by our trusty old Champion that juices at a low temperature so all the enzymes in the vegetables are retained – try this at home and be forewarned, you may have to make more as it will disappear in a flash.

Ingredients:  (do use organic produce if you can!!!)
4 carrots
1 large apple, i used a lovely gravestein from a friend’s tree in Victoria
1 medium sized beet
a good chunk of ginger according to your taste, at least an inch
1 lemon (you can juice some of the zest or remove it, either is fine)
1 orange (you can juice some of the zest or remove it, either is fine)

Simply cut the vegetables and fruit into slices thin enough to slide down the juicer’s mouth and begin pressing the juice in the order of ingredients listed.  Drink it fresh with all the lovely foamy goodness for a super vitamin A, C and antioxidant boost to your day.  My young son absolutely loves this.

*photos by Yogue.