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I hope that you have had an amazing weekend.  We definitely did.  It was Thanksgiving, which comes early here in Canada.  The leaves are beginning to weave their tapestries of brilliant colour and on the west coast we’ve had a spate of thrilling, blue sky, clear days.  It was also my birthday yesterday and as an early birthday present, my husband surprised me with a trip to one of the more magical places in the world I’ve ever visited;  Hot Springs Cove in the Hesquit First Nations Territory, about three hours from the surf town of Tofino by boat.

We left on Thursday morning aboard a whale watching vessel.  Our first sighting along the way: lazing sea lions, basking on their favourite rocks.  Next up were sea otters, which my 19 month old son can now enunciate with much glee.  Just a little further in the shadows of Vargas Island were two grey whales cavorting in the water.  These waters in the Clayoquot sound are so rich in algae that whales and other marine mammals love being here for their nutrient rich feed.  We could have watched these whales forever, but it was time to move on and so we did, eventually arriving at Maquinna Marine Park, where the hot springs are.  After a half hour hike on a boardwalk through lush rain forest, you reach the springs, which bubble up to the surface at a temperature of about 50 C.  When they stream down a waterfall into the rock pools the temperature is less scorching, yet still invitingly hot (if you like heat that is, as I do) and there is nothing quite like feeling the misty dampness of the forest air, stripping down and immersing yourself into a pool of steaming bathtub water, at the tip of the ocean.

The best part about this mini vacation, was our complete detachment from the rest of the world.  Our cell phones had no coverage here and there was no wifi.  Which resulted in a lovely, long, conversation filled dinner, real, present, “offline” time with our son, new friendships and stillness after our baby went to sleep, the time to watch the moon rise and see stars that felt close enough to touch.

If I have a birthday wish, it’s more time for everyone to celebrate the small moments, the small acts and allow them to continue to build up into a truly happy, gratitude filled life.

On another note, one thing that I also invited in on my birthday, was a cold.  This resulted in no cake for dessert, but did make me aware that we are at the change of the seasons.  The fog rolled in last evening and it is cold and damp here today.  It’s that time of the year, the perfect time to pay attention to our self care regimen.

In Ayurveda, the change of the seasons is always the time when the Vata element (air) is at its peak.  Vata is always governed by quickness.  I caught this cold quickly, though I did feel its onset.  It’s time to start eating a little differently.  Warm, easily digestible whole grains for breakfast and stews and soups are a wonderful way to welcome in the cooler weather.

However, one simple, no fail thing you can do starting tomorrow to boost your immune system and alkalize your body is simply this: drink lemon water.

When you awake in the morning, go straight to the kitchen, turn on the kettle and bring water almost to a boil, not quite, so it’s warm, but not boiling hot. Cut a lemon in half.  Squeeze the juice of 1/2 a lemon into a glass, pour  the warm water in and drink it up.

I was going to extoll and explain the benefits of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, but found this excellent post on Mind Body Green, so please take a look here. 

Do add this to your daily regimen, it’s easy, quick and adds so much benefit to our health.

Have a beautiful day.  Namaste.