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Seriously, it’s not like I’ve moved to Southern California and we’ve gotten into juicing.  In fact, our trusty Champion juicer actually made the list of items to bring down on our drive here from Vancouver, even though I knew we would be only 2 blocks from both the lovely Cafe Gratitude and one of the best fresh, cold-pressed juice bars I’ve ever been to i.e. Moon Juice.

The Health Benefits of Fresh Pressed at Home Juice:

My logic in lugging along that juicer? Well our goal as a family is to stay healthy this winter, evade flu bugs (so far we’ve been downed by one); and enjoy the holidays in as balanced a way as possible. As a new mom, I love that fresh vegetable juice is a wonderful and easy way to introduce my son to the taste of ripe, organic fruits and vegetables and get some beneficial nutrients into his growing body.  And the fresher your juice, the more nutritional value it offers.

As Dr. Michael T. Murray, in “The Complete Book of Juicing,” writes, “Fresh juice (in contrast to canned, bottled and packaged juices which have been pasteurized), contains enzymes and living ingredients,” which incidentally offer incredible antiviral and digestive benefits.

The Financial Incentive

I also knew that I would be blowing our already rather stretched budget to pieces, if I got on, what in Venice is, at the very least a $10 – $12 / day juice habit.  That’s right, a 16 oz bottle of fresh pressed organic juice sets you back that much, that’s over $300 a month, or double that for a couple.

Instead, I thought, why not just bring our juicer, access the amazing, fresh, organic produce available so plentifully in California and concoct our own recipes.

Apparently someone was listening, because SPUD (or Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery), a company originally founded in Vancouver, with an outpost in Los Angeles, that delivers “fresh from the farm to you,” organic produce and more, recently contacted me to let me know that they’ve just launched a new “Juice at Home” box service and would I would like to try it and write about it on Yogue.

As you know, I don’t accept many samples on this blog, it has been a place to seek out products and services that I am passionate about while giving you, the reader, an objective viewpoint.  The more I thought about the SPUD offer, however, it seemed like a good fit.  I was already juicing, this is something I am passionate about, but what I can tell you about is what I think about their box service and whether it makes a difference in our life.

So, I agreed to test out the Juice at Home Box Service for 4 weeks. We’re in week 1 and on Monday afternoon (before 3 p.m.), I logged in online at www.spud.com and ordered the Organic Detox Juicing Box.  The cost $40, and the promise, 12 8oz glasses of juice.  So far, the savings (vs. a daily juice at Moon Juice at say $11 a juice) are about $77 – $40 = $37 per week, which is more than $100 in monthly savings – definitely a selling point for me.  The second benefit of course was that I no longer had to go to the grocery store or the farmers market freeing me up with some precious time!

SPUD also very generously threw in a Hurom Slow Juicerwhich is something I have been coveting for a while but have not wanted to purchase since we own a perfectly good (and old) Champion Juicer.

Here the friendly Spud driver Chris bringing our first box of produce and a new juicer! 

The advocates of the Hurom can talk your ear off about it.  Why is it so great? It is a slow juicer, which very quietly and gently presses juice out of vegetables, seeds (pomegranate seeds are juiceable) without emitting any heat, allowing the juice that is released to be true cold pressed and hence full of all the nutritional vitality present in the ingredients.

Yesterday, we made our first juice with the fresh produce in the new juicer.  Here’s Ananda helping:

I call it our Bliss Green Juice #1.  Here’s what I put in it:

1 cucumber
1 stalk of fennel
1 handful of parsley
1 carrot
1 ½ cups of spinach
1” ginger
1 apple
1 lemon

I diced and cut all the pieces up – i don’t peel anything because it’s all organic – and then alternated the leafy greens with the more cruciferous fruits and veggies while putting them into the juicer.  In less than ten minutes we had a large container of dark green juice. The spinach, cucumber and lemon are alkalizing, the fennel is full of digestive enzymes and is anti-bloating.  Parsley is a wonderful detoxifier, the ginger adds heat allowing you to digest the juice better, especially when the weather gets cooler and the apple adds more vital enzymes and sweetness.

I poured 2 x 8 oz glasses out and a smaller one for our son; and took a sip.  It was fresh and light tasting.  I could taste the spice of the ginger and the zing of lemon, a hint of sweetness from the apple and just a lovely, clean taste on my palate.  The difference between the juice i remember from the Champion and this, was also that this juice seemed more liquid, vs. what juice from the Champion which usually felt more thick.  My husband downed his glass, but our 21 month old toddler took a few tentative sips and looked at me quizzically.  After a little more cajoling, he drank some more but then left the rest.

I had a brainwave. I poured his leftover juice, added ½ a banana, 4 strawberries and ½ cup of almond milk in the blender. The resulting Baby Bliss Green smoothie was a success.  We’re going to keep trying to get him to drink the juices, but once in a while I may convert his juice into a green smoothie for better results! J

Fyi. We are not going on a juice cleanse, we’re merely including fresh pressed organic juice into our daily diet.  What I have already noticed is that I have actually begun to crave  juice and it fuels me in a way that is so different from a cup of black or even green tea.  I am also noticing that I have a little more control over any sugar cravings, something that will serve me well, I hope during the holiday season!!!

I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with juicing, and try out your favourite recipes over the next few weeks!!! You can tag them as #juiceaday on pinterest, twitter or instagram.

Learn more about SPUD here.

Learn more about the Hurom Juicer here.

Gracias and Namaste!