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IMG_9344So we’re into our second week of getting the SPUD Home Juicing box.  This week I ordered the “Organic Autumn Harvest Box” which SPUD says, “contains seasonal fruits and vegetables that will combine to create vibrant juices bursting with health benefits.”

While there were no yams in the box, there were plenty of other goodies to choose from as you can see in the picture above: pears, apples, carrots, beets, lemons and lots of ginger and since we’re in California, all of it is local.  We still have some celery and beets leftover from the last box, so I think we’ll have some fun with the recipes.  i may start pulling from other things we have in our fridge as well for more experimentation!

I wanted to leave you with some tips for juicing at home.

1. Have an idea of what you’re going to create for a recipe.  I’ve been getting some inspiration from a local juicery called Pressed, SPUD’s juice recipe archive as well as Moon Juice which is down the road from us.   I also look at what’s in the fridge, think about flavour combinations and go from there.

2. Prep.  If you’re going to juice in the morning, either bag the veggies you’re going to put in the next morning’s juice together, or better still cut them into pieces and put them in an airtight container.  I always find that the easier i make the process in the busy mornings, the more consistent I am going to be with making juicing a daily habit.

3. Drink it fresh: Ideally you want to drink the juice you make right away to get the optimum nutrients from the fresh fruits and veggies. If you do choose to save it, try to get a nice glass bottle that keeps it tightly sealed all day.

Have a wonderful day.  Namaste.