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It’s not that I haven’t been juicing all this past week.  There’s just been a lot going on.  And part of my dilemma has been, how can I stay sane and balanced amid the increasing frenzy of the holidays… Do I have any insights?  Do you?

The biggest one for me has been how we self perpetuate the craziness, how the rituals we partake in right now echo some sort of ancient rites of communal gathering.  Something that can be both wonderful and not.

My way of finding balance: making sure I slow down for even a few moments, say 5 minutes… I’ll post more about this soon, but in the meantime, here is a way I do find some meditative calm, in prepping and chopping the veggies and fruit for our daily family juice.  My son has been down with a second cold of the season – I’m attributing it to the newness of bacteria down here in LA – we’re surrounded by more people, exposed to more germs I suppose… and so we’re drinking our ginger fortified juices, warm herbal teas and lots of vitamin C and D…  Here’s hoping that you are staying healthy and balanced right about now.

ps. This juice is super delicious.  Do try it.