About Yogue:

Why shouldn’t Yoga +  green living go hand in hand with style?

Good design should equal good for the planet.  That’s true interconnection, something we often give only lip service to in our Yoga practice.   Because the minute you start thinking about the long-term impacts of your actions, which for so many of us can be about how and what we consume, we start to make different choices.

Yogue features emerging eco designers, sustainable product reviews, expert wellness tips from various holistic traditions; yoga products, whole food recipes; and inspired ideas to live a sustainable yet stylish lifestyle.

About Me:

My name is Insiya.  I am a writer, vinyasa yoga teacher; former marketing executive and eco-style-aholic.  Originally from Bombay, India, I recently moved with my husband and young baby to a small town on Canada’s west coast and am currently navigating the slower rhythms of small town life, surfing, breathing in clean ocean air; while trying to keep my footprint low.  I’m always looking for suggestions for stories to feature on Yogue, so please email me at yoguestyle (at) gmail( dot)com


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8 thoughts on “About YOGUE”

  1. Howdy,

    I came across your blog today and wanted to reach out the old fashion way, buy writing. I run Growandmake.com and the Growandmake.com/blog. We try to help consumers make sustainable decisions and we have a number of articles to help those practicing yoga. If there is any way that we can collaborate or cross-pollinate with you and your blog, let me know.

    Here are some ideas:
    Guest post on one anothers blogs
    Link exchange
    Sign-up for our affiliate program (http://www.growandmake.com/affiliates)
    Collaborate on an episode of GrowandmakeTV (http://www.growandmake.com/grow-and-make-tv)

    I’m open to other ideas too.

    Will Johnston

  2. Sima Kumar said:

    Your blog is intelligent and inspiring! A lovely way to read up and re-connect with Vancouver and beyond!

  3. I love your blog Insiya! You are so lovely! xo

    • thanks lori… would love to connect on the shanti uganda ambassador stuff, totally happy to help promote this awesome cause and work! keep shining bright. namaste!

  4. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the awesome work. http://wp.me/p2PgcY-d1

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