As Seen In

A Transformational Journey at Esalen, Asia Spa Magazine, June 2013

The Greenest Family, Vitamin Daily, April 2013

The Rose of Venice, Vitamin Daily, February 2013

Interview featuring “Moi” on a really great natural beauty and wellness site called Be Naturally You, check it out here.

Making Ayurvedic chai from scratch.  Video here on and yogin’it

Airplane Yoga, Conde Nast Traveler, December 2012

Stay Balanced This Holiday Season, Half Moon Yoga, December 2012

Yoga in Koh Samui, Conde Nast Traveler, July 2012

Goa Spas, Asia Spa Magazine 2012 

The Healing Power of Dance, Asia Spa Magazine, September 2012

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life; A review of the book by Dr. Claudia Welch, LA Yoga, April 2012

Yoga Teacher Trainings, Choosing the Right One for You, Asia Spa, March/ April 2012

The Age of Aquarius, Asia Spa, January / February 2012

Savouring Sweet Solitude Before a Birth, Vancouver Observer January 2011

Choosing the Right Type of Yoga for You, Granville Magazine, October 2010

Assessing the Olympics, Vancouver Observer, January 2010

Spas of Mumbai, Asia Spa Magazine, July 2010

The Digital Wall of China, Vancouver Observer, January 2010

Yoga-ing in the City, Vancouver Observer, December 2009

The Making of a Surfing Hero, Tyee, November 2009

Whats in a Yoga Mat, Granville Magazine, October 2009

Yoga + Happiness, Vancouver Observer, October 2009

Encountering the Dalai Lama, Elephant Journal, October 2009

Beyond Botox, Asia Spa Magazine, August 2009

Yoga and Fertility, Elephant Journal, August 2009

Yogathon + Blissfest, Elephant Journal, July 2009

Stretching Identity, Yoga + Islam, Elephant Journal, July 2009

Yoga + Islam, Ascent Magazine (final issue), Winter 2009

Literary Non Fiction, Emerge, The Writer’s Studio, SFU, 2009

Can’t Yoga and Islam Get Along, Tyee, March 2009

My City was Imploding, Tyee, December 2008


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