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Photo of Insiya Rasiwala-Finn by Chris Pouget. All Rights Reserved.

For a month that is.  The sweet folks at My Yoga Online, which is the planet’s largest online yoga hub have gifted YOGUE readers a free month of online yoga.


I teach yoga, I live and breathe yoga. I live in a small town for part of the year, where access to classes with experienced teachers who I want to study with is hard to come by.  I am also a mom.  And while, I love getting to a live class in a studio where i can leave the cares of home and housework and a scampering toddler far far behind, there are many days when I have to get my practice in at home.   I often work on my own practice with a particular focus or thread or even routine, yet there are times when i need an infusion of presence from a voice outside my own head!  Know that feeling?  Yep, that’s why we get to yoga classes isn’t it?

I like My Yoga Online, because it offers a diversity of teachers, yoga styles and  types of practices.  You have access to classes that are specially filmed for the online streaming site, while others are excerpted from successful yoga DVDs.  There are also “live” recorded classes from conferences such as Wanderlust, or Omega etc. that add a nice variety to the mix.  I love that you can occasionally discover a new teacher or class that you enjoy and find practices that will work for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi and I am excited to have some of my own classes up there soon!

So here you have it, please enjoy one month of Yoga free, courtesy of My Yoga Online.  To get the special code, click here.

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ps. some of my favourite teachers on My Yoga Online include:

Eoin Finn
Twee Merrigan
Nico Luce
Danielle Mika Nagel
Shiva Rea
Janet Stone
Meghan Currie

Do venture further, as I mentioned earlier, as teachers unknown to you, offer some happy surprises.

NAMASTE and Happy Yoga-ing!