Travel Tales + A Green Holiday Smoothie


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Frost + Ocean, Wickaninnish Beach, Ucluelet

Frost + Ocean, Wickaninnish Beach, Ucluelet

When I was growing up in Bombay, India, I don’t think I ever imagined that i would ever live in a small, remote, surf town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Though  i am often not there – it is a place where we have a home and there are many days when I wonder if there will ever be a bridge between this place; of which my father said, “there are as many trees, as there are people (in Bombay)” and that place, the city where i grew up.  His words sum up so much of the contrast for me, the rural vs. the urban, the natural vs. the denatured, the simple vs. the sophisticated. Yet what draws us back to Bombay year after year is my family and somehow it makes up for so much of what we leave behind.

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